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Although Toronto is heralded for its multicultural policies, the racial and ethnic minorities in this city often lack access to social opportunities that are conducive to success. Unleash seeks to eliminate these barriers in order to promote diversity in the field of medicine. For example, a neighbourhood that we work closely with, the Jane and Finch neighbourhood, was deemed to be, out of 140 neighbourhoods, the least livable part of Toronto, on the basis of employment, high school graduation rates, mortality and prevalence of health issues. Unleash seeks to encourage students in low-income communities to pursue medicine in order to end cycles of poverty, and to promote healthy living amongst their friends and family. Unleash seeks to create structural change at an individual level.

Science Student


  • Encourage students from marginalized communities to pursue medicine

  • Provide assistance with regards to accessing MCAT books and assistance with fees related to attending medical conferences/prep sessions

  • Provide guidance throughout students' undergraduate careers

  • Provide youth with a network of professionals and guides that can assist with their journey in medicine

We believe there are a lot of bright minds in underprivileged neighbourhoods who would bring interesting stories and insights to the medical community.


This organization seeks to diversify the Canadian medical field by giving students the guidance and support they may need to consider medicine as a viable career option.

We will encourage students to use their own experiences growing up in an underprivileged community to shine a light on neglected areas of medicine, such as access to health care, mental health disorders that are intensified by poverty and addiction, and stigmatizing medical interactions perpetuated by a lack of cultural diversity.

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