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The Team

Luxmhina Luxmykanthan


UNLEASH is an organization that I started based on my personal experiences growing up in the Jane and Finch community. Transitioning from high school to university, I recognized many areas of improvement for marginalized students with an interest in healthcare and medicine. I took on the initiative to create this organization to provide these students with the individualized support they need. I strongly believe that students growing up in adversity have a range of life experiences and resilience that will allow them to represent a broader range of minority populations allowing them to support community health with better understanding and compassion. 

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Mathura Chandrapalan

Vice President

As someone who grew up in a marginalized community, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges students face as they pursue higher education. UNLEASH hopes to encourage youth in underprivileged neighbourhoods and guide them toward a career in healthcare and I am glad to be apart of such an organization and offer my support.

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Abrar Hussain

Events Coordinator

Growing up all I wanted was a chance to be in the medical field. Currently I’m studying in Honours Kinesiology BSc, but this road has not been easy. Facing obstacles at all stages in my life from school to family life has created a difficult journey to say the least. But at Unleash Medicine, they believe in having an equal opportunity, and it’s this opportunity that can make a world of a difference

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Karanvir Panesar

Events Coordinator

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in BSc Honours Kinesiology and Health Science. As a student in the healthcare field, I know how difficult it can be to enter the medical field because of the variety of structural barriers. It can be hard to think about medical school if you don’t have the necessary resources to succeed. I would like to help low-income families and communities get equal opportunities in pursuing careers in the medical field.

Raya Farhadi

Web Developer

UNLEASH has a great goal and a great message that I believe in. I hope to create a space that allows everyone to be able to learn about and connect with this amazing organization.

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